Monday, April 25, 2016

Transfer Week!

Area:  Lenexa, Kansas      
Companion:  Elder Bradley


Transfer week brought some great surprises!  My new companion is Elder Bradley from Howell, Utah!  It is a little town by Tremonton, so not to far from us!  What is really cool is that Elder Bradley and myself served in the Kearney ward together for 4 months but with different companions.  Actually, while we were there, Elder Monroe (My companion in Fleming Park) was Elder Bradley's companion.  Small missionary world!  :D. We are way to similar and are having a ton of fun together.  We work well together and we feel that we will be able to accomplish a lot together this transfer and hopefully in more transfers to come!

Elder Torrico and myself had an amazing lesson with a guy named Mauricio that we are now teaching!  He is 21 and is newly engaged. His questions were right on point with our topics and it was really cool to see how the Holy Ghost was leading the conversation.  It is always really great when the investigator can grasp the concepts that we are teaching, it makes things a whole lot easier!  Mauricio understands it logically, our next step with him is to help him understand it in his heart, that is when true conversion will take place.  We taught the restoration and he was amazed with how it all
was put together, he said that it helped him put things into perspective and that things were starting to make sense in his mind. That was a good sign!  The lesson was stopped abruptly when he got a call from his fiancé because he was 45 minutes late to picking her up... But for some reason the Holy Ghost had us talk about prayer and how important that is at the beginning of the lesson instead of at the end, it was amazing to see the lesson unfold.  Probably the best lesson I have had since I have been in this area.  We have a return appointment with him tonight!

This has been a great week getting settled in again with Elder Bradley and trying to get thing flowing here in Lenexa.  This week we found three new investigators, their names are Patty, Lydia (Patty's 10 year old daughter), and Wyatt.  We are pretty excited to go back and teach them come this week!

That's about all that happened this week!  Sorry it's not too long.

Have a great week!

Elder Shoemaker

Elder Bradley (New Companion) and Elder Shoemaker

Posterity Picture!  Me, My son, My grandson, and Great grandson

The zone just before Transfers!

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