Monday, December 22, 2014

Elder Shoemaker...the Dog Catcher

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

Heya Fam! 
Mom, sounds like you have some ants in your pants this week!  Haha!  I'll be calling home around 12-2ish...  That's Missouri time, so I believe it will be 11-1 in Utah time.  

Poor Tuna.....  {she's being spayed today}

Glad to hear that you received the box!  Thank you for giving Sister Griggs the letter.  It wasn't long, about 1/2 a page, but I hope it helped her at this time when I know it is probably hard for her.  That family is amazing!  Sure do love them.  :)

Our contact with that deaf man was just that one time, but still a cool experience.  We are always around where he lives so we might run into him again soon.  I have learned the alphabet, numbers, and about 10 other signs as well.  Its pretty sweet!

This past week we were on bikes and it wasn't too bad!  Actually pretty warm toward the end of the week.  It did snow for the first solid time this past week, but only stayed until the next day about noon.  I was sad to see it go...  I wanted a white Christmas but doesn't look like that is happening in Utah either! 
This past week, I have realized how much my companion is like Tanner...  It's kinda weird actually!  He has a lot of the same mannerisms and sayings!  

We finally got a new ward mission leader!  We haven't had one for about 2 1/2 months!  We have been flying solo.  He is an amazing guy too, he will be great.

Well, I got hugged this week by an old lady... :O  We were riding our bikes just down the street and this lady just starts whaling!  I thought someone was really hurt!  So we go over to her and ask whats wrong and she said her dogs were out and running around.  So we wrangled them up and got them back inside.  Then she just went for it and I didn't know what to do, so sometimes you just have to take it.  

We had a pretty sweet miracle this week as we were walking down the street.  This couple from another ward picked us up and took us out to a really nice lunch and chatted with them about their missions for awhile.  They also took us to our next two appointments!  It was pretty sweet.  

We also have been working with this guy named "T".  We ran into him and he was wasted!  Just hammered...  But we got to talking and he told us he wanted to take the discussions again because he feels like he is missing something.  He wants to stop drinking and smoking, but actually doing it is different.  As we were sitting there talking with him, I realized how happy it made me to talk with him because I could relate to him with his addiction with all the AA, NA, and LDS addiction recovery meetings I have gone to with Dad.  I think the career I want to pursue will have to do with addiction recovery.  We will see. :)  Anyway, he is doing really well now!  We are continuing to meet with him and help him through this. 

Well, that's about all!  We had a pretty sweet ward Christmas party and Sunday Christmas program this week as well!  

I have some good pictures this week too!

Love you all!
Elder Shoemaker

The ward Christmas party with Jayden, Cody, Justin, Regina, (and their kids),(Investigators) and a youth member of the ward and Elder Thompson and I 

The Breakfast Club.... 

Gas is super cheep here!  I even got down to 1.93!

The first snow!

Heres the bike I bought! :)
It's the bomb basically 

Typical Elder Shoemaker pose!  ha ha

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