Monday, December 29, 2014

Where's your Faith?

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson


Why don't you send some of that snow over here!  It's cooling down quite a bit, around the 20's-30's.  But still no snow!  :(  The cabin looks amazing!  I just can't wait to be able to go up there and party in the winter snow!  The room looks so good!  That cabin is nothing like it used to be, so beautiful and Walkerized.  I just see so much good happening their not only for our family, but for every family that stays there.

Good to here that grandma is up there!  What a change from just a year ago.  I'll continue praying for the family and especially Dad.  It was so good to see you all on Christmas!  Boy, the day after I was feeling a bit trunky, but I'm fine now. :)  Hope you enjoyed the little musical number.    

It's crazy that Tanner is going to be home so soon!  It flew by so fast...

Oh, can I get the salsa recipe?  My comp loves salsa and I want to make him some good stuff!

We had a pretty same old same old week after I called.  Yesterday we ran into a guy named Rob while tracting.  Yep, we were tracting.  I would have to say we probably tract around 30% of the time, not 10% like I said.  He is an atheist...  Geesh!  All the info he got was weird!  He has some Christian friends so he understand a little bit.  He let us in, which has never happened to me while tracting and he whips out his lap top and starts looking up questions for us.  I basically just said straight up, we can sit here all day and you can ask me a million questions, but if you aren't sincere about them it is going to do no good.  So put away the computer or we are just going to leave.  Yeah, he put away the computer pretty quick!  He still wasn't very sincere but we were able to teach the restoration and little bit about the Book of Mormon and answer questions he had about some concepts he herd from faulty sources.  He just want tangible evidence.  He basically said if he can't hold God in his hand and feel him, he isn't real.  Where is your faith?!  It reminded me of the story of doubting Thomas a bit as we were sitting there.  

That's about all I gots this week.
Love you and thanks for the pictures!  

Elder Shoemaker  

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