Monday, September 7, 2015

Mission Leadership Counsel and Zone Training

Area:  Kearney, Missouri  
Companion:  Elder Hansen


This week we had a great MLC (mission leadership counsel) at the mission home that went really well!  It was cool to see how the spirit works on people and how it can work on a whole counsel. We were working on a solution to figure out how to best improve the mission and as we counseled together, President Vest left the room to go counsel with the Lord.  When he returned the counsel and President had come up with almost the exact same ideas on how to help.  It was so cool!

We gave Zone training this week that went really well.  I gave a training on missionary countenance.  I read a section out of the white handbook and left everyone with an invitation.  That was to not quote unapproved movies, music, and to not use slang.  I gave them the promise that if they did this, they would begin to see miracles that they had never seen before.  Heavenly Father would see them trying and bless them because of it.  The response thus far from the missionaries is that it is really hard!  But that they are seeing many blessings from it.  I was thinking about how this would apply to each one of you at home.  As we shift our focus and view from worldly things to the Savior and as our mind focuses and ponders on the Savior, he will in turn bless each one of us.  Our understanding of the Atonement will increase and our appreciation will deepen within our hearts.  :-)

We had a fantastic lesson with Keegan and he is progressing so well.  His questions and understanding of the gospel are right in line.  He has a sincere desire to learn and grow spiritually which is always so great to see.  Our goal this week is to put him on date to be baptized!

We did some sweet service for a family on a farm.  That really is the life!  They had about 20-30 chickens with another 10 baby chicks, and a duck that was raised with the chickens so he thought he was a chicken.  They also had a lot of goats and baby goats!  The set up that they had was pretty sweet.  This family was from Spain and we met them through a member.  They have a lot of questions and want to have us over for dinner so we are hoping to be able to start teaching this family of 7.

"For how knows a man the Master whom he has not served...?"
     -  Elder Maxwell 

Luke 22:42 
"... Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."

As we follow the example of the Savior, we will start to know our Heavenly Father.  His desire is to bless us, to help us, to exalt us!  He receives happiness when we are happy; as stated in Moses 1:39,
"For behold this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life or man."

Love you all! 
Elder Shoemaker

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