Monday, December 28, 2015


Area:  Kansas City, Missouri (Fleming Park Ward)
Companion:  Elder Monroe

 Hello family!

It was really great to talk to you all!  It was fun to see everyone and see how everyone has changed.  You all look so great!

Also, I decided that I would not buy the suit and just wait it out the 8 months.  I can make due, that money will be better used somewhere else.  But I did buy a new pair of shoes today. :)  Thank you!

We finally had our first snow this morning!  That was fun to see.

We had a crazy lesson with Heath this past week...  We went with our ward mission leader.  It started out really well but then Heath started saying some really not necessary things about Joseph Smith. Our ward mission leader was asking him where he had gotten that information from and Heath started to turn red, got really jittery, and stood up and said that he needed to go and pray in the other room. He came back and said that our ward mission leader had a really evil spirit and that he didn't want to talk to him any more.  So we just said a prayer with him and left.  It was a really weird experience!

That's about all that I have got for you this week since we just talked on Friday.

Love you all!

Elder Shoemaker

Amey, our recent convert, got this for her husband but it didn't fit him so she gave it to me!  Isn't it nice??  There is another member of the ward that is really good with tailoring clothing so I am going to have her do that to this baby.

We had a great Christmas!!  This Santa bag was left at our door anonymously.  The people are so kind to us here.

From our Facetime call on Christmas Day!  First family photo in almost 5 years....
Gotta love a lifesize Landon!

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