Monday, February 15, 2016

Opposition in LIFE is essential!

Area:  Kansas City, Missouri (Fleming Park Ward)    
Companion:  Elder Monroe


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  It was pretty uneventful from my side, but we got loaded up with a bunch of sweets from the awesome ward members here.  

Yes Mom, I did receive the flag!  Thank you for that.  I also did receive the letter and I appreciate that as well!  

This week has just been so good to us.  We have been able to visit all of our investigators, members have been wanting and able to come out with us, and the blessing from the Lord are just so eminent in our lives right now.  At church we were able to see three of our investigators come!  We had Michael, Darcio, and Angela there.  They all always enjoy church and get along well with everyone there.  

Darcio is still set for baptism!  We have a lesson with him tonight so we will be able to check up on everything and also finish teaching what we have left for him.  We have had some concerns with him as far as making his date, but the Lord is hearing and answering our prayers and Darcio is chugging right along.  We are so excited to see the joy that this will bring into that family.  The Atonement already has made a huge difference in this families lives and it continues to each and every day.  I love being able to see it from an outsiders prospective so closely.  

We are still working with Michael and trying to set him on a baptismal date.  He really enjoys church and all the friends he has made there in primary.  He is such a well behaved kid and very outgoing.  The gospel would suit him well and also his family.  We will be working on sharing the message that we have with his mom as well.  We are excited to see what happens with him in this coming week! 

Angela is a tough cookie to crack.  She acts like she understands everything and gets everything, but in reality she may understand it but she doesn't internalize it so it is not making much of a difference in her life.  It is also hard to get her to take some action as far as changing.  She is just content with her life right now.  He husband, who is a member, is helping a little with that but doesn't want to push her to much, which is understandable.  We have another lesson with her on Tuesday in which we are just going to focus on the blessings that comes from living the gospel and making covenants.  We are hoping this will help her get over her complacency and make the next step in her life and be baptized!  We will see how that goes.  

We find a new investigator last week!  Josh finally panned out, the guy we met in the parking lot.  He is a full of energy, questions, and sometimes illegal substances... But hey!  The gospel is for everyone, right?  Who better?  We have another appointment with him this Tuesday.  The last appointment we had with him was crazy!  At the end we were able to buckle down and teach him about the Book of Mormon and invite him to read it.  He said he would and so we are auction to return on Tuesday.  

This week I have been thinking a lot about adversity, seeing as that is what the lesson was on this Sunday.  Our Elders quorum teacher presented a great analogy that has stuck with me and has had me thinking a lot.  If we are an astronaut and we go into space, over time our muscles atrophy.  That is because there is not gravity, nothing to push agains our body, no opposition.  Here on earth we have gravity so we have to opportunity to grow and get stronger, more fit, and improve.  From this we can see that opposition in life is an essential part of who we are and who we are becoming, it helps us grow!  It is a much needed part of God's plan that I know can sometimes suck, but we grow even strong afterward.  

I am great full for this opportunity to be serving the Lord!  The gospel is true and the atonement changes lives.  Think about what opposition has done for you throughout your lives and you will see God's had in your life.  

Love you all!  

Elder Shoemaker

Life as a missionary!  Really interesting perspective. {Audio only, don't get dizzy watching!}


Chillin' with my homie!

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