Monday, September 22, 2014

Nephi...oh Nephi

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Tu'akalau

How's alls yalls?

People here talk like that and it's starting to rub off on me.  They also say Missoura instead of Missouri, whatever!

Well, Mom it sure would be nice if you would throw in like 2-3 pair of dry lux garments into the winter box.  I could use a few more. :)

 And yes... I did get Grandma Shoemaker's package and I have already been handing out the friend magazines to families and they love them!  Thanks Grandma!

It hasn't been too cold yet but it has dropped down to about 45-50 degrees.  But 45-50 degrees here is not like it is there.  It is a lot colder and bites ya like a Piranha! 

So cool news this week, today for p-day we are going to be able to tour the Kansas City Chiefs football stadium - Arrowhead Stadium!  My district leaders dad used to be one of the BYU football coach's and has some nice connections (His last name is Crowton if that rings a bell).  I'll send pictures next week of the stadium and stuff.  

So our area has been pretty hard to find anyone right now.  We still only have 1 solid investigator and have been working ever since I have gotten here on finding new investigators.  It seems like we put in all this work into finding and we still have nothing come of it.  But I know that by having faith that something will come of it, something will happen.  Grandma Walker's words ring in my head, "Every day is a good missionary day."  So that's basically what we have been doing all week.

We also had exchanges this week.  I was with Elder Brinkerhoff in the Raytown area.  It is just right next to my area.  This is where I met Nephi... (just so everyone knows, he is an excommunicated member). So the Raytown Elders have been teaching a guy named Bruce who rents the basement of Nephi's house.  After we visited Bruce, we went up and started talking a little bit with Nephi.  Elder Brinkerhoff warned me about him and to just tune out everything that he said and pretend to listen so that's what I did.  My first thought of the house was, "What the heck is the picture of the first vision doing in this guys front window of his house?!"  It is literally a 6 ft by 6 ft picture of the first vision.  So we go into his house and this is where I was weirded out......  He invites us into his living room and we had to go through a veil to get in...  Once we got through the room was all white except the walls were painted sky blue and there were pictures of every main aspect of the gospel on his walls.  There were different worshiping alters he had set up and stuff like that.  Yeah, you are probably thinking what I was thinking. (what the?)  He talked for about 30 minutes and he had the most bizarre false doctrine and theories I have ever heard in my life.  Interesting, but very nice guy!

I also had my real first door approach where I actually talked to someone before they slammed the door in my face!  Yeah, it didn't go so well...  I tried to explain the Book of Mormon and do everything you are supposed to and then I handed it over to him and he just stared at me for like 15 seconds...  Longest 15 seconds of my life!  Yeah, he didn't take it.

Well That's my week!  Hope everyone is doing well and loving life!  I appreciate you all and love you emails and support.

Elder Shoemaker

Elder Compton (from Landon's home ward) and Elder Shoemaker
Together at the MTC

A bullet hole that is in our apartment complex window, there is also another one but I thought I would leave that one out. ;)

 Delicious food made my Polly members!  Look familiar Tanner?
(aka Elder Shoemaker's brother who is currently serving in Honolulu Hawaii Mission)

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