Monday, September 29, 2014

Tender Mercies and a Stadium Tour

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Tu'akalau

Alooooha!  Wait... wrong missionary ;)
Hey alls yalls!

Sorry to here that Josh is sick.  Tell Josh to put a vacuum up to his nose and blow and see if that works...  Geesh! How long are they going to prolong this Bishop thing?!
That's pretty cool that the puppy trainer is coming to the house.  That will be good in teaching both puppies manors around the house and hopefully no more barking!

Go Grandpa Dave Go! {regarding the Cabin purchase}

Yes, Mom I did get the winter box!  Thank you so much!  Thanks Kristi for the hat as well, I appreciate everything everyone at home does for me. :)  Cool story about the winter box.  So I have really been working on obedience to the rules that we have set for the things we do on p-day.  So last p-day we didn't have time to do laundry so I was stuck with only a couple pairs of garments left!  This may seem silly but getting that box on Friday was an answer to my prayers!  It meant that I didn't have to do laundry on Saturday and that I also could wear fresh garments!  Yay!  Gotta love those tender mercies from the Lord. 

I loved the talk you stuck in there!  It couldn't have come at a better time.  I was really thinking about how we could keep the work moving and how we could progress on finding new investigators this week because our teaching pool is about 3 people.  I just need to reach out and grab hold and the Lord will give me handholds (investigators) to grab onto as long as I keep my feet moving.  I learned a lot from that talk and everyone should read it!  "Reach out and Climb." {Elder Dallin H Oaks, August 1985 New Era}

So update on David, we had a great lesson with him about his coffee and smoking.  He committed to stop drinking coffee and he said he would be at church yesterday as well!  Well...  he didn't show up to church and not sure how the coffee thing is going either but we will keep working with him on all that.  It's hard for him to come to church because he was in the army and has severe PTSD about large crowds and hes not very socially comfortable but we keep encouraging him that through the Lord, you can overcome anything!

We had president interviews this last week.  Those went well and it was great to get to know President and Sister Vest a little bit better.  They are so great and happy and have the biggest hearts!  They love everyone of their missionaries as their own.

The Chiefs stadium was so sick!!  We got a tour by the VIP tour guide so we go to see all the nitty gritty.  We were able to see all the nice suites, locker room, clubs, the room where they give their media reports, and we were even able to go down onto the field!  We were also able to walk around the Kansas City Royals stadium!  Its right across the parking lot.  We were going to go and meet with the coach but he is really busy right now because its football season.
Well, Thats my week!!
Love everyone!
Love Elder Shoemaker

ps.  Oh!  One other thing,  are you getting the movie "Meet the Mormons" anywhere near there??  We are going to be able to watch it here and I've heard its amazing!  If you get the chance go and see it!

I'm with Elder Fillerup.  He's huge, hes a body builder

The helmet is for Treavor

Our District on Stadium Tour

I spy GINGY!!

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