Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Becoming A Consecrated Missionary

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

It's weird to see Tanner back home...  Just missed him by five months!  haha  The pictures were great!  Tanner look so happy and like the same old Tanner.  That's pretty sweet that he's playing the uke now!  Bad news... President Vest just banned all musical instruments in missionary apartments :(  That was a sad day to turn in my uke to the mission office for the next year and a half.  That was really my stress relief and the end of the day, so now I have to find something else to do.  Blegh!  It's a bummer.  
I didn't know Amy was coming up!  That's pretty nice of her.
Boy, I can see how that last meeting went with President Walker.  That's pretty nice of Tanner to let you take off his name badge.  That is going to be a hard day for me, I just love it so much out here!  I don't even really remember what I used to do all the time.  I really just wasted a lot of it.  There is definitely a lot more to life!  
The weather has been weird over here!  It's been in the 50's and 60's the past week!  Don't get it...
So last week I guess David Archeleta walked into the Independence Visitors Center!  He got a tour by I'm sure all the sister missionaries as they were probably flocking over him. haha!
Exciting news!   David is on date to be baptized on the 31st of January!  It was so cool, after we took him to Meet the Mormons we met with him two days later with plans to reteach word of wisdom with hopes that he would now have a new light of things.  When we got there he told us that he was done smoking and drinking coffee!  A true miracle and answer to many prayers.  So excited for this man who has been investigating the church for over a year. 
We had an amazing zone training this week.  President has really been stressing becoming a consecrated missionary and how that changes our nature and not just the behavior.  If we change our nature our outlook on things will change.  I'm trying to understand why we can't have musical instruments because that was hard for me, but I've come to the conclusion that it will make me a more consecrated missionary.  Maybe it's time for me to develop my talents in another area.  
There is a less active we are working with named Jordan.  The story behind finding his is amazing!  So, we were tracting these apartments and came to his door.  He told us he was a member and that we were welcome back anytime but now wasn't a good time.  Jordan ends us telling us the next time we meet with him that the night before we tracted into him he was praying for a direction to go with his life because he was just going in circles.  Then, we showed up!  I know God puts us in the path of others for a reason and when we are in tune with the spirit we become instruments.  Such a great feeling to know God can trust me.  :) 
Thank you so much for the box!  Much Appreciated
Oh, by the way, I'm a killer at pool.  We played yesterday and I won 3 out of 4 games.  (pat on the back)  
Love you all so much!!!
Elder Shoemaker    
US -- At the visitors center!     


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