Monday, January 26, 2015

It can't be compared to anything!

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

Welp, dee doop!

That about how much my brain has been working these past two days...  I feel like I have the brain of Patrick Star from Spongbob right now.  haha!  There has been a lot of things that we have changed as a companionship and as a mission that have made my brain mush!  But, all is well and P-day seems to come at always the most perfect time.  

Hope all is well for Tanner and hope he gets the job at Lee's!  Hopefully I didn't scar the family name over there...  Sorry!  Haha!
Glad to hear that the family is starting to read the scriptures again!  They are amazing!  

Hows Josh doing??  I haven't herd much about him or what he is doing or his plans?  Is he going to the singles ward?  School?  Girlfriend?? Marriage? :O 

I bet the family is just bustling with joy having two missionaries come home in the same month!  Excited to see pictures!!
Glad to hear that Treavor moved out!  That will be good for him and his family.  

As far as letters, I get Emily's every week by email so no worries there.  But the others would be great!  Thanks so much Mom! 

Just stick it out with "the crackin"! {new puppy Tuna}  She will calm down sooner or later... Sounds like later but that ok!

There is a brother in our ward and we have been going over to his house about two nights a week.  He is amazing and knows so much about the gospel.  His specialty is in Book of Mormon geography.  He has gone through the whole book and mapped everything out down to the T!  He shows us his maps and his studies and every time I go over there  I seem to gain twice as much knowledge that I used to have.  He is writing a bunch of books by hand.  Pretty sweet!

The highlight of this week would have to have been seeing David at church again!  It never gets old!  He is still on track to be baptized this Saturday.  A member will be baptizing him and he asked me to confirm him in sacrament meeting the next day.  This is so cool to see it all come together and how much he has grown.  Being apart of someone else's conversion is like nothing else I have ever done.  It can't be compared to anything.

Have a great week! 
Love you all so much!
Elder Shoemaker

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