Monday, January 12, 2015

Staying in Independence South Zone....

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

Howdy yall!  

Ma, that cabin is looking so good!  I feel like a cowboy just looking at the pictures. haha  Giddy up!

Well, I stayed in Independence South Zone!  In the 4th ward.  This place is really awesome, I think I'll survive another 6 weeks here. ;)  But two of my good friends that I made out here got transferred!  Elder Brinkerhoff and Elder Tippetts!  I actually graduated high school with Elder Tippetts!  We used to hang out when we were little, you might remember him or his name.  Cool kid!  We came out on the same day as well.

 I'm set on everything, no worries about me. {winter clothing}

This past week was kind of a weird week.  Tuesday we got a message from the AP's on our phone telling us to stay inside unless we had set appointments because we are on foot this week and they didn't want us to be out in the humid cold for extended periods of time.  Got a lot of reading done that day!  I actually enjoy reading now... I know your wondering if I really am saying that, but I do! 

Meet the Mormons is now in the visitors centers for 6 months which is sweet!  We took David, our investigator, to go and see it and he loved it so much.  He wanted to see it again.  It really made an impact on him.  We took a really cool member with us, Bro. Hawkins.  He is from Utah and has 9 kids!  Awesome family.  But David came to church this week!!!  So awesome and a huge step for him.  He said in church, "I know God is calling me to this church."  Whaaat?!  We are hoping to put him on date on Wednesday, we will see! 

This past Friday and Saturday we had team ups with the ward members all day.  From 12-9pm, it was pretty sweet.  We have a lot of new families to work with.
Well, last night we figured out why Dad always says no ball in the house......  I'll send a picture haha!! 

That about all that happened!  

Hope Tanner has a safe arrival and I want pictures!!
Love you all so much,
Elder Shoemaker  


Elder Brinkerhoff's going away breakfast!  

Me, Elder Brinkerhoff, Elder Thompson, and Elder Vaniman 

Crazy cool sunset right outside the back of our apartment!  

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