Monday, April 6, 2015

I have never loved CONFERENCE more!

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Christensen


The day is here and it came oh so fast!  This week has just flown by and I blame transfers, conference, appointments, ward members, and Heavenly Father. :)   

Thanks for the Easter box!  I loved it and am working on my duck calls now :0  I think Elder Jones was about ready to smack it out of my hands haha!  Like a kid trying to learn the violin for the first time.   

Transfers went great.  I was good to go back into Independence and see all my mission buds!  Some went home this transfer which is crazy.  It was sad to see Elder Jones leave, but I know it was for the best and that the Lord has His hand in this work.  He was transferred to Raytown, which is right next to my old area in Independence so I know it pretty well actually.  I was excited for him to go there.  My new companion is Elder Christensen from Idaho Falls, ID.  He is a great guy!  He has been out for 20 months so he is on the down low, but not trunky non the less!  This is going to be a great transfer.  I am grateful to have a companion who has been out longer than me, I have been learning a lot from him and that's what I need.  

General Conference was so great!!  I loved it so much and it always seems to be exactly what my missionary brain needs.  Conference in the mission field is amazing, I have never loved it more!  It is such a great opportunity to better yourself and get a nice spiritual recharge.  I wouldn't have minded if they had done another couple sessions!  My favorite talk I would have to say was Elder Kevin Pearson.  I have always loved the tree of life and how much is in that and he helped me see a lot of what I was missing!  I also loved Ucthdorf's talk on grace, really deep and profound.  A lot to think about.  Can't wait for the next Ensign to come out so I can read them all again. 

That was pretty crazy about the opposing sustaining's in the 2nd session.  Never heard of that happening before.  But, these are the last days and there are going to be many people who are going to try and raise a rebellion against the truth.  Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today and that is all that matters. :)  I'm sure Heavenly Father will do what is needed to those people who rejected him. ;)  The picture you sent was really funny!!  :D

So Bobbi our investigator is doing well!  We had plans to watch General Conference with her and have dinner as well Saturday afternoon session, but that ended up not working out, but she still watched General Conference by herself!  That was great news.  She said she didn't feel anything too special that stuck out to her specifically and that it was really boring.  I just wanted to say, "Are you sure you were weren't watch Joe Olestein?" haha! I was so surprised because I got so much out of it.  So we asked her to watch the Woman's session and see how she likes that.  She is now on date to be baptized on the 18th of April, so we are praying for her!  

Overall, Heavenly Father is just so good to us.  Our mission president, President Vest shared something from Brad Wilcox this past letter to us.  There was one line I really liked out of it. 
"The Atonement is not just about sins but also struggles."  

This has proven to be so true as we go about our days with whatever struggle it may be.  He is always there and always knows.  One thing that I really like in conference was the analogy of our church being like a hospital and we are the patients, trying to become better. 

Love you my wonderful family!!
Elder Shoemaker  
My New Companion - Elder Christensen (with possible edits..ha ha)

Elder Shoemaker and Elder Christensen -- New Duo!

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