Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm Melting..............

Area:  Kearney, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Anderton

Heya family!!  

Yes, I am melting if you were asking... qnd while I'm melting, I'm sweating like a pig!  Haha. It has been in the upper 90's a couple times this week with I don't know how much humidity on top of that.  I was boiling water the other day and I held my hand over the steam and I was thinking out loud and told Elder Anderton that that is what it feels like outside in Missouri.  That it what your skin feels like all over all day everyday!  I just l..o..v..e the humidity...

Thank you so much for the wonderful package!  It was a pleasant surprise with everything in it.  I appreciate it so much.  Nothing beats a good ole package from the family.

Transfers were this past week.  Elder Anderton and I stayed together and one other companionship stayed together, but all other 7 companion ships got changed around and we also now have 3 new companionship's in this zone.  

We got a new truck this week!  We are now the proud drivers of a 2015 Chevy Colorado!  I'll send some pictures.  This thing is amazing!  It is about time we swapped for a truck because the Corolla didn't like the dirt roads all that much... And with Tiwi (our backseat driver) we had to be extra careful.  I have been converted to a truck and won't go back if I can help it!  :-)

So, good news!  Kristin is on baptismal date for the 11th of July!!  We have been trying to figure out what we could do to help her progress and Elder Anderton and I just decided to be straight up and bold with her.  We had a wonderful lesson with her and at the end we plopped a calendar down and had her write down her date.  She met with Bishop Walker on Sunday after church and he helped her put things into perspective and she is so solid for the 11th! 

Dillon and now his girlfriend as well Daylin, both came to church this past Sunday!  We had a great lesson with them in the bishops barn and Daylin was crying the whole time.  The spirit was so strong.  At the end Dillon gave the most sincere prayer and it was also the first time his girlfriend of over a year had heard him pray.  Miracles are happening all around over here in the Kearney 3rd Ward! 

That is about it for the week!  Thank you everyone for all that you do for me and for the support in which I get as well!  :-). You all are amazing!  


Elder Shoemaker 
Kearney 3rd missionaries!  
Bishop Walker, Elder Monroe, me, Elder Anderton, Elder Lacock, Brother Southworth (ward mission leader) and Sisters Richens and Bott

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