Monday, June 1, 2015

Psyched out of their do Missionary Work!

Area:  Kearney, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Anderton

Hello family!  

What a crazy miracle filled week.  When I got here the Elders were teaching a lady named Kristen. She actually ended up going to California for 11 days right when I got here so I met her for the first time yesterday.  She is the most prepared person I have ever met!  She asks all the right questions and is everything you would want to find in an investigator.  She is a wonderful single mother of two and is probably in her early 30's.  On Tuesday we were fired up with finding some new people because President Vest on our weekly Monday night conference call told us how much of an example we are to the rest of the zone and that our area needs to be an example for everyone else.  Tuesday we end up finding two new investigators!  We found a young 17 year old kid named Timothy who is loving the youth program already.  We also found a cowboy named Dillon who is 19 and super cool.  They both are so prepared.  Dillon and Kristin are on date to be baptized this month!  We have been so blessed.  
On Thursday, Elder Clarke of the 70 came to our mission for an all mission conference.  There was some of the most life changing things shared in that meeting.  I forgot my study journal so remind me to share with you next week some of the highlights.  On that note.... I remember that was one of my favorite quotes he said reminded me of something Grandpa Dave would say.  "God doesn't create dummies, it is up to us to live according."  Or something like that...  I'll get the exact quote next week. 
While here in this ward I have come to see the power of fasting.  There is a 40 day fast going on right now here.  There is a member of the ward fasting every day for 40 days straight.  There is about 10-15 members who have some solid investigators we are just about to start working with.  The members out here are psyched out of their minds to do missionary work.  It is so awesome!  The missionaries are here to help the ward with missionary work, not the other way around.  This ward is doing so.  :)

I have a few favors to ask... :)
I was wondering if it would be possible for you to order a few things and send them out to me.  I know you just sent a box and I don't mean to be needy...  Love you!  :)
One of the things Elder Clarke said he wished he would have done when he was on his mission was get a nice triple combination BOM and ask all the parents of the families that we like and ask them why they are a successful family.  Then he said to record them in the front of the BOM and use it as a guide to study out of when we have a family of our own.  So I was wondering if you could send me out a brown leather copy of the BOM, the regular size so I can do that.  I was also wondering if you could send me out a set of military scriptures.  You can find them on  I want to try and read all the standard works while out here and those will be easy to carry around in my pocket everywhere I go.  All the books are in a separate book.  Also, just a single military size BOM added onto that.  One last thing, I was wondering if you could send me out a little essential oils.  There is a small pouch with a whole bunch of varieties I know you can get.  The bottles are really small if that helps at all.  Maybe you can get a deal through Kim or something. :)  
Thank you so much for everything and I hope that isn't to much to ask for.  
Love you all so much!
Elder Shoemaker

PS:  do you have the website or a link to the guy who made my scripture case?  Maybe a company name?  Elder Anderton, my companion, wants to get one for his set of scriptures.   

These are pictures of us on our bishops property on his front gate.
  We went and worked out this morning with him.  The guy on the left is his personal trainer, Bishop Walker, Me, Elder Anderton.   


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