Monday, October 19, 2015

The NEW Far West Missouri Stake

Area:  Kearney, Missouri    
Companion:  Elder Hansen


Yes, the packages did make it.  They are still in the mission office because they can't forward them, but some sisters are going into Independence today and will be grabbing it for me while they are there.  It is kind of far for us to drive down there without a good reason or meeting or something.  Thank you so much for sending that!  It will help out a lot. :). 

The barn looks great!  I am excited to see what that place will look like by the time I get back, it is progressing right along!  Hopefully you can get the roof on before first snow fall comes.  

We had a wonderful multi stake conference this weekend.  The reason it was a multi stake conference was because we are no longer in the Liberty Stake.  Elder Hansen and I are now the zone leaders over the Far West Missouri Stake!  First zone leaders ever in this stake.  It was interesting when they announced it, they announced it as a new stake and not a rededicated stake.  The last time it existed was in the early 1800's.  We are excited to be in the new stake working with some great new leadership.  Elder Arnold of the 70 and Elder Meredith who is an area 70 came to do what was needed under the keys of President Nelson.  At the end of the meeting I was able to go up and talk with them and gave them both a good hug.  It was so amazing to see the impact that they had on those who attended.  They both didn't prepare specific talks but left it open to the spirit.  They addressed some really random things and diverted from topics quickly, but you could tell that they were truly men of God and that they had a love for us as individuals.  There were people bawling as they went up to hug these men and I heard them talk about how much they were touched by what was said and that it was exactly what they needed.  I truly saw the countenance of the Savior in both of them as they hugged and comforted these people.  It was an amazing sight to see. 

Today we have plans to go up to Hauns Mill!  I am really excited to head up there and see what is there.  If I am correct we have some ancestry there, right?  I will do my best to send pictures of it back today.  

I learned a great lesson this week.  The love of God toward us was eminent as I took a look back on this week and all that has happened.  This week every single one of the the 4 appointments we had set up with our investigators fell through at the last minute.  We were even in the car with the members on the way to pick up an investigator to take to the independence visitors center and she canceled.  It seems as though there was a lesson to be learned for me.  I learned that even though we had prepared each lesson and role played and did everything that has been asked of us, appointments still fell through.  The Lord knew that we were ready to teach these lessons, but He wanted to see if we still would prepare lessons even with all of them falling through.  I was grateful that I could show the Lord that I was ready and ready when He needed me.  As we live our life ready for whatever may come, the Lord knows he can count on us and He will count on us.  Do we live worthy to be called as an apostle if we were needed?  There is no reason why we shouldn't be living in such a way!  This life is a life of progression, not perfection.  That comes in the next life.  We sure can do our best to be who our Heavenly Father wants us to be.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!  The wonderful message that we share is that He lives, the Savior is with us and always will be.   We need the Atonement as well as He needed the experience of the Atonement to descend below all things the be able to succor us when needed.  

I love you all!  

Elder Shoemaker 

We did some fun service at a barn and then had a Dutch oven dinner afterward.  
Elder Hansen, Elder Bradley, Me, Elder Beyeler 

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