Monday, October 12, 2015

Zone Conference and Pizza Crust

Area:  Kearney, Missouri  
Companion:  Elder Hansen

Hi from Buddy, Bob, and Billy... about the only three names in Missouri so that covers everyone saying hi to you.  What a friendly state! :D

This week sounds like it has been a busy one for everyone!  That is great that Mattie and Mitch were married this past week.  An exciting moment for everyone, I'm sure.

We had a great week as well!  Always busy as usual.  There is never a dull moment in the work of the Lord.  We has such a great lesson with Abigail this week.  We had a lesson plan to teach her but right when we pulled in we felt like we should just go in and talk with her about whatever she needed at that time.  We ended up having a lesson about prophets, the Book of Mormon, and why the restoration was needed.  The spirit was so strong!  We had both Abigail and the friends she brought along in tears.  She is having a tough time right now whether to go with what her family is telling her, or go with what her heart and mind are telling her is true, which is our message.

We had a great zone training this week!  We had the privilege of having President and Sister Vest come and sit in on the meeting.  It is always a delight to have them there.  They are so full of insights and their presence is good because then we don't have missionaries messing around.  Our zone is so big that we had to hold our meeting in the chapel!  We realized that this zone is 1/4 of the missions missionaries, kinda crazy and hectic, but it has been s really fun time and a great learning and growing experience.

I had a wonderful surprise on Sunday at church.  Dillon and Daylin both were back in town for the weekend and they came to sacrament meeting!  It was really great to them and to catch up with how they are doing.  They are still happy as ever and enjoying school.  As I was talking with Dillon I figured out that one of the missionaries that is teaching him his new member lessons is a friend from high school!  Isn't that crazy?!

We had a once in a lifetime experience this past week with pizza crust.  We were going to a sketchy apartment building, that we try not to spend any time at, to go and try to contact a newly moved in member.  I started backing in the truck into a stall and this guy came out on his balcony and was eating a pizza.  I asked him how he was doing and his response was, "Are you a Mormon?"  I told him that I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He replied back with some not so nice words but basically just told us to not talk to him and get out of sight.  So we kept moving on to the apartment we were there to find and the newly moved member ended up not being home.  As we were walking back to the truck we heard something hit our truck.  Elder Hansen yelled out, " hey, don't throw things at out truck!"  ......And this guy stopped midway going into his apartment and all of a sudden was no longer Mr. Tough guy anymore.  He became a very pleasant guy who was willing to even come down and get the pizza crust out of the bed of our truck!  What a guy!  I'm sure he felt a little silly and hopefully a little humbled by two 19 year old boys who caught a fully grown man throwing a pizza crust at our truck.  He has caused trouble for other missionaries in the past so hopefully he won't any more.

We had a great service opportunity this Friday and Saturday also to do some service at a living farm activity they had going on.  It was basically an antique show with old tractors mixed with an activities
fair for everyone to see how things were done back in the good 'ole days. On Friday we showed everyone how to dip candles and on Saturday we showed everyone how to churn butter.  That was a pretty fun time!

Today we have a pretty fun p-day planned.  We are going to some property owned by members and going to go "camping" for the day with one other companionship.  Should be a good time!

Well, that was basically my week!  Fully of many different things.

Love you all!
Elder Shoemaker

PS:  it would be great of you could purchase those items for my iPad for me because there is not any stores around here who sell decent quality stuff like that.  Haha!  I have the iPad mini 2 by the way. Also, I was wondering if you could get a separate Bluetooth keyboard that I could use to type my notes and emails with that would be great.

Picture of our Zone -- It's HUGE!

This is from back in March at our zone conference with Elder Renlund (new apostle)
and his wife.  I'm in the right middle on the right side.

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