Monday, February 2, 2015

David was Baptized!!

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

David was baptized this last Saturday!  What an amazing experience it has been to see his life change and the life of his close relatives change as well.  What an amazing experience it has been to be apart of someone else's conversion and help them change their life.  Confirming him was an amazing experience as well.  I was nervous as expected haha.  But as I began, my mouth was filled with the words and it felt like I was the only one there.  I'm very grateful for that opportunity! 
 Thank you for forwarding me that email from the Hawkin's family.  Did they call you??  They are an amazing family as they picked up just what would fit in their van with their 9 kids and moved here from Utah.  With almost nothing.  They said they were called here by the Lord and I have no doubt they were.  They have done so much good for this ward and those investigating the church.  Such an amazing family!  
Our mission has just changed so much!  They are calling the younger missionaries to the leadership positions because of the many changes, they are trying to cycle out the old rules basically. 
So who is this girl that Tanner is a courtin'??? I'll continue to pray for his employment as well. 
It was so great to see Zac made it home safely and had a great welcome party to join him.  He looks so happy and well.  I expect Josh, Treavor, Tanner, and Zac are going to have some get togethers here soon and catch up on movies and games. haha! 
Awesome news about Shannon!  Good for her!  I knew she wasn't sure if she would serve or not, happy she chose to!
The cabin is looking amazing!  Glad to see you made it to church. :)  Hows the Liberty ward over there in Idaho??  
What??  A new car?? !  I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  So Tanner gets the mommy mobile!
Other than David's baptism, nothing else happened much this week.  That consumed a good chunk of it.  As it should!  
Love you all so much!
Elder Shoemaker
PS:  Elder Tuakalau was able to come down and see Davids baptism.  So great to see him!  


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