Monday, February 9, 2015

Tracting, Tracting and more Tracting

Area:  Independence, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Thompson

Heya Parents! 

Glad to hear that Zac is getting comfortable and situated at home.  Sounds like he is a whole new man.  Can't wait to see how he has let the Lord change his life.  :)  I heard Boston is the cutest baby there ever was??  Doesn't surprise me, he's pretty cool.
Wow!  Going big with the 2015!  I never thought I would see the day when my parents bought a brand new car... 
Katherine Hanks and Tyler Orr???  Wow!  Good for them!
Sad to hear about Treavor's job.  Especially since he just moved out into his own apartment.  He will find something soon.  Hopefully Tanner will too!!
I'm sure you will know what to speak on in Stake Conference here pretty soon.  Whenever I'm in a situation that I don't know what to say or do I always think of the scriptures, D & C 84:85 and D & C 11:21.
Well, This week has been a long week.  Slow with the work and we basically have 1 investigator right now.  Which makes it tough!  We have been in finding mode for about 3 weeks straight with what seems to no avail.  Every day all day is finding!  Never tracted so much!  We ended up at an apartment complex that we had partially tracted out and we decided to go back to a potential we had tracted into maybe 6 weeks ago.  He is an atheist and won't budge at all, but we were determined!  We went in and he started going off again so I told him we weren't going to do that again (this is the guy I told to put his laptop away)!  So I pulled out the scriptures and read parts of the story in Alma 30 about Korihor (anti-Christ) and Alma.  Well, it didn't end up how I wanted it too.... haha!  He asked me why he didn't get a sign like Korihor!  I asked him why he would want a sign after reading about how he was struck dumb!  This guy doesn't make much sense to me at all.  We decided to let some other missionaries try him when we aren't in the area. haha!  But, before we walked out on him again, we committed him to read 10 minutes out of the Book of Mormon! 
This past week and this week we are supposed to have the car, but about 3 weeks ago the elders that we share the car with wrecked it!  So we have been on foot and bikes for two weeks, which makes it hard because out area is so big!  But, we got word we would be getting a car today!  Yippee!! 
That's basically the week! 
Love you all so much!
Elder Shoemaker

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