Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A visit from the Member of the Seventy...

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Jones

Hello hello hello!

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, we had Zone Conference in Liberty.  Elder Renlund of the Seventy was there along with his wife.  It was really cool to hear him and get to shake his had and talk a little with him.  He really focused of the concept of "true doctrine understood, changes people."  I really enjoyed the whole meeting and learned a whole bunch.  There was a special training afterword for DL,ZL, and STL on how we can make correction in a good way.  Very helpful!

Aaron's baptism went so well!  The ward really pitched in and helped out a bunch when we didn't expect them to.  It was a big blessing.  He has a little 6 year old daughter who said right when they walked into to room, "Dad, I'm so excited that you are getting baptized!"  The innocence of children always amazes me.  He has had quite the change.  He was also ordained to the office of priest on Sunday.  

That was about it for this week, nothing to out of the ordinary.  I just feel really blessed to have been able to be a part of Aaron's conversion and baptism. 

Elder Jones and I are having a party!  We were talking about the prior months in our missions and we both agree that this transfer has been the quickest.  It has already been 3 weeks together!  Crazy! 

Just so you know Mom, I'm buying some wranglers today!  Good ole butt huggers!  haha!  Elder Jones talked me into it so we will see how I like them.  

The family seems like it is doing well.  Sounds like a good week for you all.  Glad to hear that Dad is spending so much time in the temple and outside, that is going to help him so much as I am sure it already has.  Tanner looks like he is having a fun time!  He wasn't to far from me when he was in Oklahoma and Texas!  .....about 2 hours away actually. haha!  Did he wave?? \

Stay sweet family!  Love you!
Elder Shoemaker

Homemade bird feeder -- "Landon Style" 

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