Monday, March 16, 2015

Holding steady........

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Jones

Hi Mom, Dad, Family and Friends!

Thanks for your copy of the talk you gave, Mom, it was amazing!  I see why everyone keeps complimenting and contacting you regarding it. :)

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna...  Are my light grey vans with the leather tongue chewed up?  If not I would love to get those out here, I need another set of P-day shoes to chill out in.  Oh, and Cadbury eggs, I'm addicted to those!    

Yay!  Josh is getting started on school again and a profession, good to hear.  That sounds like something he will enjoy and fits him well.  From the pictures, it looks like he is in really good shape!  
I can't wait for conference coming up!  It seems like conference was just barely here.  Mothers day is coming up pretty soon too :D

This week was pretty great!  The weather has been great and Elder Jones and I have too much fun I think. haha!  A lot of our lessons canceled which made it hard but overall it was great.  We did a lot of service, basically tore up a ladies back yard and re-landscaped it with shovels and rakes.  We dropped one of our investigators who turned out to be a pill, haha.  

Nothing to abnormal about this week!  Loving life and living it up!
Love you all!
Elder Shoemaker

PS  The iPad thing is legit this time! :D
Elder Jones and I at Sunset


We are winning the bird feed contest!  Haha!


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