Monday, March 2, 2015

We're being stretched.....

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Jones

Well hello over there in Utah! 
The weather over here is so weird.  This week it snowed two day out of the week and the rest of the week it was really warm.  I don't get it.
The GPS is very handy!  Our area is pretty big so we use it all the time.  Our investigators are awesome and have already grown a love for them.  We have a baptism this Friday!  His name is Aaron.  His wife is a member and he has been investigating for over a year.  He is making a big leap of faith and we are so happy for him!
Glad to hear that Dad, Josh, and Tanner are able to spend some time together.  I do miss the hiking!  How are the pups??
I got the video of you and your sisters!  That was hilarious!  Elder Jones thought is was really funny too! :D
Sounds like you made quite the impact in stake conference Mom!  Glad to hear that it all went so well.  Sounds like the Lord is blessing our family in a way you weren't expecting.  I don't know about you, but I see the blessings that are coming every week as I read your letters and out here in Missouri as well.  I'm excited to read your talk. :)
This week for us has been hard and stretched both Elder Jones and I.  Almost all our appointments canceled, we can't find anyone who wants to listen, the guy below us smokes weed like crazy and it comes up through our vents (haha), and there is a growing feud between the old lady across the back yard from our balcony with feeding the birds and getting animals on our deck! (haha!) 
We have learned a lot about ourselves this week and have had to depend a lot on the Lord and trusting him.  We were trying to figure out what we were doing wrong and why things weren't working out.  We haven't quite figured that one out, but I know the Lord is teaching us something. 
So, word on the street again is that we will be receiving iPads in May!  This came from the mission president and general authorities.  I guess we will see if it actually happens this time!
That's about all I got! 
Elder Shoemaker

The Missouri River, it borders our area

The University here in Parkville!


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