Monday, May 18, 2015

A 7 WEEK transfer

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Christensen

Hello family!

This whole week here has been a rainy week!  It seems like it never stops.  But I don't mind because with rain here, you also get the coolest lightning and thunder storms.  Those have been cool to watch all week.  We actually had a tornado watch a couple days ago and there has been a lot of flooding in other parts of Missouri from what I have heard from the members here.  Exciting stuff!

So this was a 7 week transfer because of an all mission conference next week.  So transfers would have been last Thursday but they are now this Thursday.  Haven't heard anything about it but will on Tuesday.  I have no idea what will happen!  

We had a cool little "cottage meeting" last night with some members and less actives.  The goal is to eventually get the members to bring their nonmember friends and for our investigators to come as well.  This is something that our ward mission leader set up.  Hopefully it works!  It is just a little hour long meeting with a little socializing, spiritual message, and refreshment.  

So this week we had a cat follow us around the outside of the apartment.  It was basically stalking us. haha  But it snuck into our apartment between our feet and so we grabbed it and took some pictures with it in our apartment.  Whoops!  We aren't supposed to have pets.  haha!

We met some Micronesians on Friday who used to live in Hawaii in a place called Makiki?  He said he was there a year ago.  It is on the same island as the Polynesian cultural center and I was thinking you served on that island.  Their last name is Buliche.  He said he was meeting with missionaries down there as well as here.  I know its a long shot, but its a possibility!

Kind of a slow week with a lot of canceled appointments which always makes it hard.  I think that is the hardest thing to deal with is the consistent rejection from people.  Also, how people treat us like we don't exist or are people too.  I sure every missionary get that no matter where they serve.  But, you just keep on keeping on!  
Love you all! 
Elder Shoemaker 
Here Kitty Kitty!

Here is a picture of the district I am in. :)
(Me, Elder Christensen, Paris, Leary, Bishop, Brady, Sister Ita, Hafoka)

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