Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome to Kearney and Zone Leader

Area:  Kearney, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Anderton

Well hello! 

So I am now serving the the Kearney 3rd ward!  President Vest has said that this is the best ward in the whole mission.  That would probably explain why there are 3 sets of missionaries just in this one ward!  Two sets of elders and one set of sisters.  It is insane and planing has to be done very carefully.  I'm serving with Elder Anderton, a missionary I was in the MTC with.  He is probably the one missionary I have wanted to serve with my whole mission and am so grateful to be with him and to learn from him.  We were called to be Zone Leaders here in the Liberty North Zone!!  Neither of us have been a zone leader so this is a completely new experience for both of us.  President said when he called us that he has never put two completely new zone leaders in one area before and that he has full trust in us to take this zone to the next level.  These last couple of days have been pretty crazy trying to figure all this out!

New Transfer Area of Kearney

I love this area so much!  I am out in the country and am with my kind of people!  A lot of the people in the previous areas I was in were pretty stuck in their ways.  Out here every one is so nice and will talk with you anytime, its pretty sweet.  There are around 5 cities that we serve in so our area is huge!  Takes about an hour to get from one side to the other.  Farmers and hillbillies, my kind of people!  I have a picture that perfectly explains what kind of area I am in...

When I got to the apartment the shower drain was clogged like crazy!  The water would fill up to the top while taking a shower.  So we went and got a snake thing and pulled out about a cat worth of hair!  Haha

Our Bishop here is amazing!  Bishop Walker (ironic huh?).  He actually has his own "I'm a Mormon video" so go check it out.  He lives on this 120 acre property and has a lot of super sick stuff.  He has a gym and a personal trainer we are allowed to work out at in the morning so he works us pretty hard.  He actually got Elder Anderton to throw up several times. haha!   This Bishop is the most outgoing and active Bishop I have ever met.  This ward is just ready to go and I feel so blessed to be here right now.  He is such a humble man as well.  

That is really what is up with me this week.  We have seen so many miracles and tender mercies and we go about our days.  That is one thing Elder Anderton is very good at is recognizing what the Lord blesses us with every day.  

Love you all!  
Elder Shoemaker

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