Monday, May 4, 2015

Jungle Journey.....

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Christensen

Hello family!

For Mothers Day I will probably be calling around 7-7:30 PM Missouri time.  So I believe that is 6-6:30 PM your time.  :)

That so crazy that Paul is married!  Congrats to Tanner on being asked to be Bryon's best man.  When is that day coming up??

I can't believe I'm going to be a grandfather!  Baby guppies galore!  Who would have thought that I would be a grandparent before you guys??  Haha!

Is Josh or Tanner dating anyone??
Today for Pday we are having a BBQ at a park by the Stake Center in Platte City.  That should be fun!  There will be a lot of missionaries there.

The baptism for Stephen is still on for this Saturday and we are really excited for that!  We didn't really play to big of a part in his conversion as he was already converted, but we are grateful to be a part of Stephen's baptism.  
My Jungle Journey Story:  So we were trying to find a short cut through some trees to save some time in the future if we needed to.  We stared following this old deer trail and eventually were led to a little river.  We threw a dead tree across and boogied on over that.  We soon realized that there was no more trail. haha  So we bushwhacked it through the trees and bugs to the top while still in our pros clothes.  We eventually made it back out right before it got too dark. 
We had a great lessons with our investigator Jason, the Jamaican.  It has been awhile since we have been able to meet with him but he is changing.  His heart is soft and he is willing to listen. He most definitely felt the spirit and committed to a soft baptismal date.  He is BBQing for us this Friday.  Jerk Chicken! Yum! 

Elder Christensen and I were talking yesterday about faith.  Everyone keeps telling us we need to have more faith and if we have faith, people will be brought to us who are ready.  I think that no matter how much faith we have, we can't alter God's will.  He has a perfect plan for us and we can't change it.  Having faith is aligning our will with God.  Not God aligning his will with ours.  If he did that we would be a mess!  But, I think that when we do have faith is shows God that we are willing and ready for his blessings.  He is ready to bless us, faith is the way for showing him we are ready.  Just my little two cents for the day. :)
Love you all!  
I am looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Elder Shoemaker

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