Monday, May 11, 2015

The Iron Rod.....hold tight!

Area:  Parkville, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Christensen

Mommy and Fam!

It was so great to talk to the family and see everyone.  Makes the days here pretty bright.  
Glad to hear about Dad and that he is already doing better.  I know that he is getting the best care and I am grateful for prayer as I have felt like that is my only way to help him right now.  I will most definitely write him a letter and send it to you to take to him.  Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to me why people have to go through things like this.  But this is the way we become who our Heavenly Father wants us to become.  The trials in life aren't easy and sometimes push you to the edge.....but he will never let us fall to a point that he can't bring us back and when he does bring us back we are so much stronger! 

Something that was shared in Elders Quorum was pretty profound I think.  We were talking about Lehi's dream and how there was a mist of darkness that arose.  Sometimes in life we can't see the iron rod because of the mist of darkness that is there.  As long as we are holding fast and secure to the rod we will never be lost!  I don't recall the scriptures ever saying that there was a gap in the rod.  Keep hold to what you know to be true!  

I am so grateful for all the support and love that is sent from home.  Know that I love and pray for you all every night!
Elder Shoemaker 
Our Baptism this week!  
Me, Jacob (confirmed Stephen), Stephen, Brandon (Baptized Stephen), Elder Christensen 

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