Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cowboy up Buckaroo!!!

Area:  Kearney, Missouri
Companion:  Elder Anderton


I am going to try and condense all this week into a short email, but I probably won't do it justice.

Thank you so much for the box!  I did receive it and I appreciate it so much!

Shout out to Papa Shoe!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Big 50!

We had a fun time on Tuesday hauling 150 bails of hay for an investigator out here.  That was a good experience and some hard work. I absolutely love it out here!  I don't want to ever leave this area or this ward, it has become a home away from home.  Hopefully I don't get transferred this Thursday.... I most likely won't be getting transferred but I don't make that decision. :-)

So, Dillon was baptized last Saturday! The whole service was amazing. There was a bunch of family there and a ton of non members from Dillons family and Daylins family.  The spirit touched each one of them.  All of the non members were crying so we are hoping that there will be some teaching and more converts come out of it!  He was confirmed the next day and also received the priesthood.  We got a call from Daylin yesterday while out buying cowboy boots with Dillon and bishops son in law saying that she wants to be baptized on Wednesday the 5th!  This has been a crazy couple of days trying to get everything lined up for her.  Dillon is going to be baptizing her! He has become a spiritual leader and wants to become the best man he can be.

That is about all that I have that I have right now but I'll send some pictures for you in place of words.

We just got kicked out of a haircut place because we were Mormon... Cool!  Now I'm cutting Elder Anderton's hair instead.

Elder Shoemaker

Cowboy Up Buckaroo!!

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