Monday, August 24, 2015

God's Time Table...

Area:  Kearney, Missouri  
Companion:  Elder Hansen

Alrighty, well by the time that I get home everyone is going to be married!  Congratulation Mattie and Mitch!  

Happy 28 years married Mom and Dad!  I can't believe you are that old! ;-). Looks like a fun celebration with the tubing and what not.  Some good ole family time beats everything.

We had a fantastic week!  Yes, I did burn a shirt.  It was so trashed... Like a lot of my shirts and it was time to retire the shirt.  I have some photos for you I will send.  

We had nice oven fire this week too!  (From the perspective of Elder Hansen). "Friday morning the other Elders came over to plan some of the Ward party stuff with us and we made them lunch. I threw some chicken in the oven and later we threw the pizza box in there too. Well, after I saw smoke shooting through the burner coils on the stove we realized something was happening. We opened the oven and Mount St. Helen decided to roll out...with smoke and all the effects. We pulled out the pizza box, like firefighters saving a helpless kitten, and flames were slowly devouring the bottom of the box. Elder Shoemaker was quick on the scene and started to blow out the flames (don't worry Mom, they weren't big, the adjectives are just for effects). He flipped the pizza onto another pan, and put it back into the oven as we tried to clean the embers off of the vinyl floor. Whew, disaster avoided? It's not over yet! We went back to our planning and we realized later something was burning. We pulled the pizza out and it was too late, there was no hope. The bottom of the pizza was as black as Jay Z, but we avoided certain death thanks to quick movements of Elder Shoemaker, the HERO."

This week the Vogan family dropped us out of the blue through a text.  That was a big bummer!  But, we have been blessed in so many other ways I just have no room to complain.  Besides, no one likes a complainer!  We worked so hard this week to find 2 new investigators which was our goal.  We had so much to do day to day that some days we had 1-2 hours of proselytizing time.  We worked so hard with the time that we were given but to no reward of investigators.  Last night at 9:30pm right before accountabilities we got a message from the Bishops daughter that someone she has been working with wants to take the lessons!  Her name is Abigail.  We had a ward party this last Saturday and then a temple grounds tour.  Abigail came to that and we were able to teach her after the party was over.  Just when we thought that our efforts were wasted God handed us someone to teach!  Sometimes it just isn't what we expect.  I learned to rely on God's time table and not ours.  There is so much more in play than we understand.  

We are also teaching this older gentleman who is about 60-70 years old named David.  He is such a cool old guy!  We are working hard with him in trusting in prayer and the answers he receives about the Book of Mormon.  He made a really cool comment about the Book of Mormon.  He said that if Christ actually came to America then that would be the greatest event and message of joy to ever happen!  I was yelling in my head "YES!  You are right!"  It is so interesting how people will say things they just don't fully understand, but if they did it would change their life!  I absolutely love the gospel.  

This week I focused on the Atonement and its significance.  One of the things that I loved most was the fact that Christ called out to God in the garden of Gethsemane using the familiar term.  He was in so much pain and anguish that he called out "Aba" which in our day would be Daddy.  He was in such a position that he called out just as a little child would for help.  Let us all remember that what Christ went through wasn't easy.  Show gratitude and appreciation for the Savior by using the atonement.  Make the changes you need.  That is why it is there!  I love the hope that the atonement brings into each one our lives.  

Love you all!  

Elder Shoemaker  

One Year Shirt Burning Ceremony! 


One of my favorite pictures of Christ.....

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