Monday, August 10, 2015

Same Location - New Companion

Area:  Kearney, Missouri  
Companion:  Elder Hansen

Welp, I'm still here in the Kearney 3rd ward!  Elder Anderton was transferred to the Riverview ward in Independence.  I am now going to be serving with Elder Hansen!  He is another one from the group that I came out with and was in the same room as him in the MTC.  It is pretty sweet to be able to serve with the Elders that I came out with.  

This has been one hectic week!  Daylin was baptized by Dillon on Wednesday! That was so amazing to see someone who just was able to make covenants with God turn around and then help someone else do it as well.  All of both of their families came again.  We are hoping to see some solid potentials within their families who we can teach as well.  The spirit has worked on all of them so much the past week since they have been to two baptisms in a row.  Both Dillon and Daylin are moving out to college today, so we won't be seeing them for awhile.  

I was able to confirm Daylin yesterday at church.  I always love performing that part of the ordinance.  Helping someone else receive the gift that has blessed me in so many ways and knowing that it is something that they can receive no other way.  The experiences that I have been able to have out here are incredible!   

We did some nasty service this past week.  This family that we helped were hoarders and have a gross house that if full of blegh!  I was cleaning out the backyard and found the jackpot...  I shoveled out two plastic storage bins full of cat poop in plastic bags that they would just toss off their back porch.  It was a little stinky!  We also helped another old guy who needed a floor built for his outdoor storage shed.  So we built that for him, that was pretty fun.  

Our computer that we have as Zone Leaders to do all our reports and what not .... crashed this passed week!  We have the most reports out of the month to do tomorrow so that kind of sucks. We took it to one of our members houses who is good with computers and he was able to hack into the hard drive and pull all our reports and stuff.  Now we are just waiting for our new computer to get here.  Back to the old paper records for the week! 

As far as anything I need for my 1 year box (wow is that already here?!), I would love if you sent me out 2 or 3 new pair of mesh garments.  The shirt size is a small and my pants size for them is a 28-30.  Thank you so much!! 

Love you all! 
Elder Shoemaker 
Me and Elder Hansen - New Comp! 

Elder Anderton, Dillon, Daylin, Elder Shoemaker

This is Rick... I taught him for the first 6 months of my mission while in Independence and ran into him again while going to Independence this past Thursday for transfer meeting.  Still looking better than ever! 

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